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A1_36_543_16_QC ARC mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  ARC
  • Fuels used                     :  A1
  • Oxidizer used                 : Air
  • Number of species      :  36 + 16 QSS
  • Number of reactions    :  543
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D


This mechanism has been derived by Quentin Cazères at CERFACS for kerosene combustion.

It is derived from a 52 species skeletal mechanism itself derived from the POLIMI_C1_C16_HT mechanism using ARCANE.

This mechanism can be used for the Jet-A1 combustion in air at atmospheric conditions and for high temperatures. Auto-ignition mechanisms are also included.

Validity has been evaluated for 1D premixed flames on the following range : P = 1 bar, T = 300 K – 800 K, phi = 0.5 – 1.6.

Validity has been evaluated for 0D auto-ignition reactors on the following range : P = 1 bar, T = 1000K – 2000K, phi = 1.0.

It comprises 36 transported species, 16 QSS species and 543 reactions.



Cazères, Q.. Analysis and reduction of chemical kinetics for combustion applications. PhD Thesis. Université de Toulouse III -INP Toulouse : MEGeP. 7 (2021).

Wirtz, J.. Modelling the impact of fuel in aeronautical gas turbines. PhD Thesis. Cerfacs. (2022).



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