CERFACS Chemistry Sharing knowledge for CFD chemical kinetics


If you are interested in the things done on this website, here are some people you can contact:

Person to contact for: access to ARCANE.

  • Thomas Lesaffre, 3rd year PhD student at CERFACS (FR): lesaffre@cerfacs.fr
    : CERFACS chemistry related git master.

Person to contact for: access to git (Cantera), installation procedure and technical issues.

  • Arthur Berthelot, 1st year PhD student at CERFACS (FR): berthelot@cerfacs.fr
    : CERFACS chemistry related git master.


Persons to contact for: questions on topics covered by the website.

  • Antoine Pestre, Post-doc researcher at CERFACS (FR): pestre@cerfacs.fr
    : Took part in ARCANE development.
  • Quentin Cazères, Post-doc researcher at Cambridge University (UK): qc267@cam.ac.uk
    : Major developer and co-creator of ARCANE.
  • Perrine Pepiot, Professor at Cornell University (USA): pp427@cornell.edu
    : Developer and co-creator of ARCANE, chemical kinetics for combustion specialist.

Persons to contact for: getting involved with CERFACS activities.

  • Eléonore Riber, Senior researcher at CERFACS (FR): riber@cerfacs.fr
    : Co-author of this website, designated chemistry referent at CERFACS
  • Bénédicte Cuenot, Senior researcher at CERFACS (FR): cuenot@cerfacs.fr
    : Head of the combustion group working on chemistry related problems.
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