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Cantera scripts

Here, python scripts are provided for common use at CERFACS.

These are the scripts used in the Cantera formation :

These are miscallenous scripts that you can use (mostly with gri30 – cti file here). Some are private, some are public.

Advanced use AVBP ARC
An optimized version of the 1D premixed flame
(empirical basis)
How to write csv for avbp

How to compile an Analytically Reduced Mechanism (ARC)
f90 and cti here

How to postproc variables
(thickness, Schmidt, Prandtl)

How to use the Partial Equilibrium Assumption (PEA)
BFER cti here – mixture database here

Apply path analysis

Source file and script file

How to thicken a flame Compare Laminar 1D Flame Thicknesses
(Thermal / HRR )
for Generic Sensor

Soot python script

(Experimental data, Non-sooting flame, sooting flame, post-treatment)

A wider explanation is provided in the tutorial.

How to calculate PCI and PCSMono-component version

Multi-component version

Taken from cantera website.

Compute reference species source term for flame sensors
f90 and cti here
Diffusion flameIncreasing pressure

Increasing strain rate

To be used to reach convergence for awkward points or create a flamelet table.

Taken from cantera website.

If you think that a script is missing and would be important for the community, please send an email at the person in charge (see contacts page).

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