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POLIMI C1_C16 detailed mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  Detailed
  • Fuels used                    :  C1 to C16 fuels
  • Oxidizer used               : Air/O2
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D


This mechanism was created by the CRECK modeling group.


See the CRECK website.


NB : POLIMI mechanism are often modified. Please check this website to look for the original chemkin files and convert them with ck2cti.

HT = High Temperature
LT = Lower Temperature
NOX = with sub-module for nitrogen-oxides
SOOT = sub-module for soot particles (based on the Discrete Sectional model)


Type Cantera files Number of species Number of reactions
HT cti 368 14462
HT_LT cti 492 17790
HT_NOX cti 413 14922
HT_LT_NOX cti 537 18250
HT_LT_SOOT_NOX cti 621 27369

If you don’t find the version you want and have converted another POLIMI mechanism with ck2cti, please ask the contact person to put it on this page.

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