CERFACS Chemistry Sharing knowledge for CFD chemical kinetics

Chemical database

CERFACS Chemical Database contains mechanisms for a wide range of fuels with different degrees of precision (Detailed, Skeletal, Analytically Reduced, Global)

The database is presented in 2 formats:
– the Data table, to find the most suitable mechanism for your use.
– the Mechanisms list, if you already know which mechanism you are looking for.

If you want to display your own mechanism on the website, please go to this page.

The number of reactions in kinetic mechanisms is the following:
– for detailed, skeletal and global mechanisms, it is the number of reversible reactions.
– for Analytically Reduced Chemistries, it is the number of irreversible reactions.
– there is an exception for f90 developed with skeletal mechanisms : it is counting the irreversible reactions.

Finally, here you will find what is available as cantera files and as AVBP files.

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