CERFACS Chemistry Sharing knowledge for CFD chemical kinetics


Chemistries are developed and validated over the computations of basic cases such as auto-ignition or 1D flames (usually premixed or counterflow diffusion) using CANTERA.
These chemistries are then compared to AVBP on 1D premixed flames to see if the main characteristic have been respected, especially if the difference of transport between CANTERA (‘Mix’ diffusion) and AVBP (one coefficient of diffusion per species) does not imply to much difference on the computed case (and especially the laminar flame speed).

Once those tests have been done on 1D cases, it is possible to integrate the chemistry in 3D turbulent – sometimes biphasic – cases.




This scheme resumes the interaction between the three solvers :

  • ARCANE is a wrapper of CANTERA, namely ARCANE uses CANTERA as a chemistry solver to be able to lower the size of the schemes and post-processing data. ARCANE sets up the case for CANTERA, which runs it. Then, CANTERA’s output are sent to ARCANE.
  • AVBP takes entry files that can be generated :
    • either by using ARCANE. Indeed, ARCANE contains all the routines necessary to create the files that are necessary to AVBP. This is explained in ARCANE section.
    • or by using CANTERA. The way is not as straightforward as using ARCANE, but it avoids using ARCANE if you do not need it.
  • There are for the moment no interaction the other way round : AVBP files can not be used by CANTERA or ARCANE directly.

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