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San Diego detailed mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  Detailed
  • Fuels used                     :  Hydrogen, Methane, Ethylene, Propane, Butane
  • Oxidizer used                 : Air
  • Number of species      :  57
  • Number of reactions    :  268
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D


Developed by the University of California San Diego in the philosophy of minimizing the number of species and reactions for the scope of combustion rather than being “chemically” complete.

It is a detailed kinetic mechanism tailored for many combustion processes from C0 to C4 with 57 species in 268 reactions.

A detailed kinetic mechanism can be extracted for hydrogen which will comprise 9 species and 21 reactions (labeled below as C0 mechanism).


“Chemical-Kinetic Mechanisms for Combustion Applications”, San Diego Mechanism web page, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Combustion Research), University of California at San Diego (http://combustion.ucsd.edu)


Cti file : C4 mechanism

Cti file : C0 mechanism Contains 21 elementary reactions, corresponds to H2_9_42_0_SD in AVBP.

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