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Konnov (v0.5) detailed mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  Detailed
  • Fuels used                     :  CH4
  • Oxidizer used                 : Air
  • Number of species      :  127
  • Number of reactions    :  1200
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D



A detailed C/H/N/O reaction mechanism for the combustion of small hydrocarbons. This mechanism has been validated with experimental data available for oxidation, ignition, and flame structure of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, methanol, methane, ethane, propane, and some of their mixtures. This is a very precised chemistry for low temperature and radical effects.
The current version of the mechanism (Release 0.5) consists of 1200 reactions among 127 species.


Often used, but does not exist anymore :
A.A. Konnov, Detailed reaction mechanism for small hydrocarbons combustion, Release 0.5, http://homepages.vub.ac.be/~akonnov/, 2000.

Recommended citation at the end of the mechanism reference (Chemkin files in the supplementary materials) :
F.H.V. Coppens, J. De Ruyck, A.A. Konnov, The effects of composition on burning velocity and nitric oxide formation in laminar premixed flames of CH4 + H2 + O2 + N2, Combustion and Flame 149 (2007) 409–417 [file]


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