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HYCHEM_27_268_12_AF ARC mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  ARC
  • Fuels used                     :  Kerosene
  • Oxidizer used                 : Air
  • Number of species      :  27 + 12 QSS
  • Number of reactions    :  268
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D


This mechanism has been derived by Anne Felden at CERFACS for Jet-A POSF10325 combustion using HyChem model.

It is derived from a 39 species skeletal mechanism itself derived from the JetA2_USCII mechanism using YARC.

It comprises 27 transported species, 12 QSS species and 268 reactions.


Felden, A. 2018 “Development of Analytically Reduced Chemistries (ARC) and applications in Large Eddy Simulations (LES) of turbulent combustion”. Phd thesis, CERFACS.


Cti file

Fortran file

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