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Curran detailed mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  Detailed
  • Fuels used                     :  n-heptane and iso-octane
  • Number of species      :  1034
  • Number of reactions    :  8453
  • Cases of application    :  0D


This mechanism has been developed by Henry J. Curran at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the oxidation of primary reference fuels, iso-octane and n-heptane, for gasoline.

WARNING : This mechanism can only be used in Zero-Dimensional cases as no transport data is available for this mechanism.

More details on LLNL website.


Curran, H. J., P. Gaffuri, W. J. Pitz, and C. K. Westbrook, “A Comprehensive Modeling Study of iso-Octane Oxidation,” Combustion and Flame 129:253-280 (2002). [file]


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