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CH4_25_398_19_SNA ARC mechanism


  • Type of mechanism     :  ARC
  • Fuels used                   :  Methane
  • Oxidizer used              : Air
  • Number of species      :  25 + 19 QSS
  • Number of reactions    :  398
  • Cases of application    :  0D, 1D


This mechanism has been derived by Sreejith N. A. at CERFACS. It has been reduced using ARC methods from a skeletal mechanism obtained from POLIMI comprising of 62 species and 756 reactions.

Reduction has been based on 1D premixed flames using CO2 and NO as target species. It comprises 25 transported species, 19 QSS species and 398 reactions.


Nadakkal-Appukuttan, S., Riber, E., Cuenot, B. and Gilles, T. (2020) Large Eddy Simulation of reactive flow on the fire side of a steam cracking Furnace, INFUB-12 -14-17 April. Porto (Portugal) 2020


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